Armorcoat® Certified Safety and Security Films From Tropical Tinting

Safety and Security Films were originally developed for use in parts of the world where terrorism was a constant threat to life. Armorcoat® provides more than just protection against a terrorist bomb. It helps protect against natural disasters, burglary, accidents, and fire. And, in addition, Armorcoat® solar safety films can filter out up to 79% of the sun’s energy, and 99% of the damaging UV rays.

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Severe weather, tornadoes and earthquakes can also send flying glass through the home or workplace.

Armorcoat® Safety and Security Films have been proven time and time again to withstand these dangerous elements. Because Armorcoat® holds glass in place, it can help provide an additional measure of protection against the water damage that is common as a result of violent weather. Armorcoat® provides a deterrent to looters and can virtually eliminate the cost of boarding up broken windows until they can be reglazed.

Shards of flying glass are one of the most dangerous threats to the human body, as they can cause serious or even fatal injuries. As a matter of fact, flying glass can be so lethal, it has been said that if glass were invented today, it probably would not be allowed because it would not meet current consumer safety standards!

Armorcoat® Warranty

Armorcoat® Safety films are backed by a written lifetime residential warranty and twelve year commercial warranty. In addition, Armorcoat® films come with a two year seal failure, and five year glass breakage warranty on approved film-to-glass applications.

Safety & Security Film – Certified Armorcoat® Installations

The use of Safety and Security Film has increased tremendously over the last few years as fears of terrorism, burglary, looting after catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina, and other forms of aberrant human behavior have become more commonplace.

Thousands of government buildings are now protected with Armorcoat ® Safety and Security Film against possible bomb blasts and the resulting lethal shards of razor-edged glass exploding from the window frames. safety film burger commercial window films Ormond Beach

Businesses find Armorcoat® to be a significant deterrent to burglary. Throwing a brick through an unprotected storefront window in a “smash and grab” is one thing.

Having to stand outside and beat the glass out of the window frame is quite another! Silent alarms may be going off; law enforcement might already be on the way, not to mention the noise involved in trying to smash a large enough hole to gain entry.

Vandalism and looting after natural disasters pose other concerns. Boarding up broken windows is expensive; theft of inventory; and the filling out of insurance claims is stressful and time consuming. A simple, affordable application of Armorcoat® can permanently ease concerns for all these important issues.

Homeowners as well have come to see Armorcoat® as a more important product than just sun control film. Since Armorcoat® is available in both “clear” and “sun control” versions, many homeowners install it as an upgrade, to protect against heat, glare and fading as well as burglary! crime deterrent window film commercial window films Ormond Beach

Armorcoat® offers real protection against home invasion; surprising burglars and scaring them off when they find they are in for a real battle to gain entry!

Of course, government, business, and homeowners all use Armorcoat® for additional protection from severe weather as well; gaining increased levels of protection from weather events and the damage that they can cause. By resisting puncturing, and holding broken glass together in the frame, Armorcoat® keeps the storm outside, and the occupants safe inside.

All Armorcoat® installations are made considerably stronger with a proper “edge attachment” using Dow Corning 995® structural sealant. This ultra strong adhesive sealant bonds the film/glass combination to the frame, making it nearly impossible to separate the glass from the frame! This process virtually eliminates the “edge failure” that is so common when many windows are broken, creating a serious deterrent to burglars by keeping the entire window in the frame unit, and during storms; greatly increasing the resistance to wind pressure needed to breach the glass even after it has been struck and broken.

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