Tropical Tinting Offers Bomb Blast Mitigation Window Film Installation Service

Armorcoat Safety and Security Film – Tested and Proven Blast Mitigation From Tropical Tinting.

It is a sad reality that in today’s world there are individuals among us who are willing to commit acts of violence against innocent people in order to further whatever personal or political agenda they espouse. Today’s twenty-four hour news programming exposes us to an almost continuous stream of rioting, looting, improvised explosives and car bombings. One need only remember the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City to conjure up horrific images of the wholesale destruction caused by one “homegrown” terrorist and the truck bomb used to bring down an entire building.

Were you aware that many of the injuries and deaths from that bombing were caused by lethal shards of glass; propelled by the concussion of the blast into the office spaces of that building?armorcoat logo big

One of the functions of safety and security window film is glass fragment retention. The multi-layered construction and impact resistance of Armorcoat Safety Film gives this tested and proven product incredible burst strength.

Coupled with a professionally installed edge attachment system that secures the film to the frame, Armorcoat can provide a formidable safety barrier to explosive forces; retaining glass fragments, containing damage, and minimizing injury to building occupants.

Armorcoat is installed on many government buildings, including our nation’s Capitol; as well as embassies and military installations under terrorist threat. In fact, many government entities leasing private office space are now requiring an installation of safety film as one of the conditions of their lease.

Building managers concerned with reduction of energy consumption are discovering Armorcoat as an affordable upgrade that combines sun control and comfort enhancement features with significant safety performance for the protection of their tenants. Tropical Tinting can be counted on to provide the experienced installation personnel necessary to get the job done right with the superior quality of Armorcoat Safety and Security Film.