Security Window Films From Tropical Tinting Help Protect Residential and Commercial Properties From Burglary and the Threats of Broken Glass.

Tropical Tinting has responded to an increased number of calls in the last few years regarding Armorcoat Safety and Security Window Film and its use primarily as a burglary and home invasion deterrent.crime deterrent window film

It was just a short while ago that virtually everyone was talking about storm protection, but these calls are from people who are frightened by the number of break-ins in their neighborhoods…in fact, sometimes it is their very own home that has been violated. The reality is that no neighborhood is immune!

Police departments and community associations alike are recommending Security Film as a strong deterrent to burglary simply because the film makes it so much harder to gain entry into a protected home via the glass areas.

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 Tropical Glass Tinting Has The Right Solution For Your Windows

Armorcoat Safety and Security Films are tough, impact-resistant films that will provide a significant level of protection against “smash and grab” thieves.armorcoat logo big

And since Armorcoat is available in both clear and tinted (sun control) versions, many homeowners find it an attractive, affordable upgrade to simply installing sun control film.

Few things are as unsettling as the helpless feeling of violation experienced by a homeowner whose sense of security has been destroyed by someone they don’t know, and whom they haven’t invited into their lives. If you are someone who is concerned with heat intrusion or fading of your furnishings, it is reasonable to consider learning about upgrading to the added benefits of safety and security film as well. Call Tropical Tinting today and see how affordable an installation of Armorcoat can be for your home, office or other commercial building.



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