Violent Weather Can Occur Any Time, Without Warning. Protect Your Home or Office With Armorcoat Window and Glass Safety Film From Tropical Tinting!

If you live anywhere in Florida or along the Gulf Coast you can experience unexpected severe weather events…sometimes with little or no warning. summers stormAfternoon thunderstorms are commonlyaccompanied by squalls and wind gusts that can be surprisingly strong and dangerous to lives and property.

Central Florida frequently experiences tornadoes and micro-bursts as well as diverse short term, yet damaging storms.

Often there is no time to put up storm type shutters when these events occur.

However, a Safety and Security Film such as SolarGard “Armorcoat” can offer an elevated level of protection for your windows by holding glass together in the frame if they are struck and broken.

Protect Your Home or Office from Violent Weather.

There are many products available today that will protect your home or office from unexpected severe weather events. All of them have merit; however, many of them also have severe drawbacks.

For example, storm shutters. Shutters provide good “hard shell” protection, but can really detract from the looks of a home; especially if they conflict with the architectural design (and honestly, most do). Storm panels need to be installed for every storm, since many communities will not let you put them up for “the season”. When not up, they need to be stored. “Roll down” and “accordion” styles have seem somewhat more glamorous but maintenance considerations can serve to make them unavailable just when you need them most. They should be checked and serviced by a professional at least once a year as they are subject to mechanical failure and corrosion from the elements. When deployed they leave your home pitch dark inside. Plywood usually warps and become almost impossible to install. Not to mention that many members of the community must rely on someone else to deploy the safety measures because they are unable or unavailable to do it themselves.

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Perhaps most importantly, you have to think about
what “level of participation” you want to contribute. For example:

  • Do you live out-of-state or enjoy a travel type lifestyle?
  • How are you going to install these systems if you are not there? Ask a neighbor? Hire someone?
  • Many of our senior residents are not physically capable of installing these products, nor is it safe for them to do so.
  • Do you have safe, adequate storage for your safety measures when they are not installed?
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Safety And Security Window Films From Tropical Tinting, Florida

Violent Weather and Safety Film.

The one product that addresses all of these drawbacks is Safety and Security Window Film From Tropical Tinting. Permanently installed and highly resistant to penetration, safety film operates on multiple levels; reducing heat, glare, and fading as well as strengthening the glass and keeping it together if it is broken. Unprotected glass can become deadly flying shards. Once a window is breached, the water damage from driven rain can be devastating; destroying furnishings, carpet, drywall, and your most prized possessions.

Window film doesn’t need to be stored because it is already installed! You can concentrate on the safety of your family and pets instead of frantically deploying your safety plan (if indeed you have prepared one). Installing Armorcoat can also help protect you and your family by deterring theft and looters.

When you really think about it, no other protection product functions on so many levels as glass safety film installed by Tropical Tinting. Shutters, panels, and plywood are not going to save energy and lower your electric bill consistently; they’re not going to make you more comfortable and they won’t reduce fading of your carpet, window treatments and furniture. In fact, only safety film can do all that and help to protect your windows as well, at a price that is considerably less than traditional window protection products. Contact Tropical Tinting today for a free, no obligation consultation!

What Level of Protection Can You Expect?

Safety and Security Film from Tropical Tinting can give you excellent protection when expertly installed by our highly-skilled craftsmen.severe weather

However, as it applies to so-called “hurricane” protection, it is important to recognize that safety film is not a “stand alone” product.

It is simply a component part of an overall window/glass glazing system consisting of frame, glass, and mounting; and all three must be strong in order to have any chance of real protective capability.

Beware Of Shady Contractors!

Simply applying safety film to the glass surface of a window does not make a window “hurricane resistant”, nor will it make it “Miami-Dade compliant!” Beware of contractors who claim to have “Hurricane” films or make claims that sound outrageous. They probably are! Please read our manufacturer’s statement entitled “Safety-Security Film and Hurricane Protection” for complete information, and please don’t hesitate to contact Tropical Tinting if you have any questions whatsoever about the use of safety film for a specific application. If a company tries to convince you otherwise, please consider reporting them to the local authorities including the your local police and building inspector. The chances are highly probable that they are “scam artists” trying to take advantage of you.